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Our water changes EVERYTHING. 
All water is not created equal. Most of us understand the importance of clean water. Are you buying bottled water, or drinking from a water filter or water purifier? Did you know that your clean water may not be healthy? Find out more about Ionizers.

Discover the amazing benefits of ionization technology. While very popular in Asia for the last 20 years the water ionizer is still largely unknown in the West.

Ionized Alkaline Water

The Best Solution Against Oxidation
Alkaline Ionized water results from a mild process of electrolysis. In short, this type of water is tap, but what happens is that it is treated and filtered. It undergoes an enhancement process that makes it more suitable for the human body. It is important to note that this type of water is not a form of medication or health supplement. Rather, it is still water as you know it, but it has been reformed such that it has a larger electron mass. Hence, electrons from this type of water can easily attach themselves to active oxygen molecules in the body, thereby preventing cell oxidation.
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Water Ionizers: Beating Ordinary Water Filters

Water ionizers are some of the best tools that can work to your advantage as a never-ending war between positive and negative charged atoms is being waged inside your body.

Medical scientists and health experts have always known that a person’s well being is actually played out between acidic and alkaline molecules in the body. In short, your overall health condition is determined by the pH level inside you. If you easily get sick or you are always feeling tired, it is a good bet that you have a highly acidic system. The more H+ (Hydrogen positive) a liquid is, the more acidic it is.

To balance your pH level and make your system more alkaline, you need to have more OH- (Oxygen hydrogen negative) liquid, which can be best provided by ionized water.

With water ionizers, you can take advantage of one of the most abundant resources on the planet, which is water. You can convert this element into your own fountain of youth and healing. Come to think of it, the human body is about 70% water. It means that more than half of all our bodily functions are controlled by this element. Therefore, isn't it just right to rely on water to cleanse your system and make your health more vibrant? But you just can’t take any water to help you attain the right pH balance and good health. One type of water, the ionized alkaline water, has been clinically proven to have more OH- composition that can flush out toxins and other harmful elements in the body.

By using water ionizers, you put your water into a process which makes it more alkalized and ionized. What happens is not just a simple process of filtering out microscopic particles in your water supply. Rather, these machines enhance the composition of water by scientifically altering its molecular structure. With a more alkaline composition, ionized water can even enhance the quality and taste of food that has been cooked using such water.

Water ionizers come in all shapes and sizes. There are those that you directly attach to the snout of your kitchen faucet, while there are those that can be installed under the sink. Ionizers often come at a higher price. But in the long run, you cannot really put a price tag on your family’s health. If you want to know more about how an ionizer can help you, click on to http://www.ionways.com/default.aspx?UserName=jeffstewart.




Imagine clean, healthy, alkaline water from an undersink ionizer manufactured by the world's leading manufacturer. All you see is an elegant faucet with no more counter-top clutter.
  • One Touch Operation
  • LCD Control In Faucet
  • BioStone Filtration System
  • Mesh Diode Electrode

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The Delphi Ionizer


Our Premium Countertop Ionizer Investing in the Athena Ionizer gives you the very best in return: top performance and features, ease of use, durability and styling.

  • Dual Filtration for cleaner water
  • Mesh Electrode technology Control
  • Unparalleled durability
  • Unrivalled functionality

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The Athena Ionizer


The Isis is an excellent product for the IonWays customers looking for a reliable, lower-priced ionizer.

  • Reliable, entry level ionizer
  • BioStone Filtration System
  • Full LCD control panel
  • Platinum Titanium Electrolytic Cell

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The Isis Ionizer

Real Water


Real Water Concentrate is the only stabilized, alkalized, negative ORP, antioxidant water on the retail market today.

  • No chemicals added
  • Maintains a proper pH
  • Is more bioavailable

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Real Water Concentrate

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